5-Year-Old Hero Gets Medal For Saving Mom and Brother After Car Wreck

Miracles aren’t always intangible things that happen out of the blue. Sometimes they come in the form of average people, who happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Such was the case for five-year-old Lexi, who lucked out when a family driving through Jasper National Park spotted the little girl.

They had merely been passing through, enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest when they noticed something squirming on the side of the road – Lexi, who had been frantically calling for help.

As it turned out, the poor girl had woken up dazed and confused, trapped in the wrecked family van that was now sitting at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment.

In front of her in the driver’s seat was her unconscious mother, and beside her, her bawling baby brother in his car seat.

As far as she could tell, she was alone with no one to rely on and her family members counting on her.

Lexi then made what is perhaps the bravest decision this child could have ever made – she decided to leave the safety and comfort of her family to brave the wilderness and search for help.

She unbuckled her safety belt and proceeded to trek up the 40-foot cliff, plowing through thorny underbrush with nothing but her bare feet and the clothes on her back.

It is amazing just how much grit and determination this little girl has in her mission to find help.

And as luck would have had it, her arrival at the top of the cliff coincided perfectly with when the other family was driving by.

As soon as they learned what had transpired, the passing family immediately called for help. Upon arrival, the paramedics found that the heart of Lexi’s mom had stopped beating.

Thankfully, thanks to the girl’s decision and quick reaction, her mother could be revived by the paramedics.

Since then, Lexi’s mom, Angela, will always say that her daughter had saved her life.

As if being able to rescue her mother and brother wasn’t enough of a miracle, everyone was amazed Lexi managed to climb all the way up in bare feet.

This was because the paramedics had to use ropes to get down to the wrecked vehicle in the first place.

As the rescue was ongoing, the family opted to take it upon themselves to stay with the girl and comfort her through this trying time.

As it turns out, Angela was exhausted, and had intended to stop at the nearest rest stop to take a much-needed nap. Unfortunately, before she could do that she fell asleep behind the wheel.

This ended with the van swerving off the road and down the side of the cliff. The resulting fall then broke her back and rendered her unconscious.

Fast forward to the present, Lexi’s baby brother, Peter, had to undergo neurosurgery to stop the internal bleeding in his brain.

Meanwhile, Angela has just started walking again with the help of a cane.

Circumstances are currently rough for them, but thanks to Lexi’s brave actions, her family still has their lives.

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