Cashier Slid Note To Couple, Woman Shocked At What He Asks Them To Do

Whataburger is a regional fast food restaurant based out of San Antonio Texas, they specialize in hamburgers. In this story, the fast food chain got some recognition not only for the quality of their employees but for their customers as well! Kolbie Sanders went to her local Whataburger after work.

The line was long, and it was moving super slow. Sanders finally saw why things were taking so long. The cashier was deaf and had asked the people to speak up so he could hear better. But, that didn’t help, so instead the cashier gave them a piece of paper and asked if they could write their order down.

whataburger employee

The couple was happy to – they didn’t get impatient, upset, or ask for a manager. They wrote down their order. Sanders took a moment to look around, she ordered her meal the same way.

whataburger employee

She watched to see if any of the other customers would get upset at having to write down their order. To her surprise, not a single customer was bothered or lost their temper!

Sanders decided to share this experience on the Love What Matters Facebook page. In her post, she said that it was refreshing to see so many people willing to be kind to their fellow man.

It may have taken everyone a few seconds longer to order their food…

but they didn’t mind!

Think about this story the next time you are standing in a long line. You don’t know what it is like to be on the other end of the line! Practice patience and kindness!

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