Construction Worker Writes Message To Sick Granny, She Replies With A Sign On Hospital Window

Gloria Porter, 88, was admitted to Excela Frick Hospital for a week due to pneumonia and passed the time by watching construction workers building the hospital’s new entrance.

One particularly snowy day, one ironworker named Jeff Reick happened to look over and see her watching.

As a kind, sweet act, he went up to an iron beam that faced Porter’s third-floor room and wrote “Get well” on it in chalk.

Porter was so touched by the thoughtful gesture that she wanted to return it.

So she took out a piece of paper and wrote in big letters, “Stay safe”.

She then pasted it on the window for all the workers to see.

Jeff was equally surprised by the message, as it was one that ironworkers frequently tell each other due to the risks of their job, and it hit him hard.

It’s amazing what a little bit of good can do for the world.

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