It’s normal for pregnancy to change a woman’s body, but not like this. How awful

Complete transformation

Maria and her husband were an average happy couple. They had fallen in love and had a son and now they were expecting a second one. It appeared that everything was going their way. That is, until something very unexpected started happening.

During her second pregnancy, Maria’s body began to change, but not just in the normal way with her belly getting larger. Maria was losing weight at an alarming rate, and she began having strange sensations in her eyes. She described it as like having sand in your eyes that caused them to constantly tear up. After giving birth, the problem persisted and the pain became more severe. At that point she knew she had to see a doctor.

You can watch her story in this video…

Maria was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, a form of hyperthyroidism that occurs in only 2% of women. But there was also another change taking place in her body that she hadn’t yet noticed. One day, while Maria was reviewing old photos, she saw it: the woman in the photos was very different from what she saw now when she looked at herself in the mirror. The main difference was her eyes — they had grown huge and were almost bulging out of her face. The image below shows the difference…

The change had happened so gradually that Maria hadn’t really noticed it. Abnormal growth of the eyes is a common symptom of hyperthyroidism, and little by little they had begun to bulge out of their orbits, a phenomenon called exophthalmos.

As the years went on, Maria’s condition got worse. Eventually she could no longer close her eyelids and her eyelashes had begun to grow upward. This caused them jab into her pupils, causing her horrible pain. Maria had to use eye drops constantly to deal with the severe discomfort. Her eyes also became extremely sensitive to light, which made her life very difficult. Maria felt helpless: she no longer felt that she could take care of her children properly, she couldn’t sleep properly due to the pain, and she couldn’t stand to see her reflection in the mirror.

On top of all that, people actually made fun of her and call her “pug eyes.” Although her husband stood by her and tried to convince her that she was still beautiful despite the changes in her appearance, Maria was miserable and desperately needed help.

“What I see when I look in the mirror is a stranger looking back at me,” said Maria.

Her self-esteem was so low, and the pain was so unbearable that she made the decision to have an operation. The surgery would remove some of the bone from her eye sockets and allow her eyes to settle back into her head.

Maria’s case was so exceptional that she was invited to appear on the TV show “The Doctors,” where she shared her brave story and some photos of the medical treatment she had received.

Although she knew that her eyes would look a little better, she never imagined what she would see when she looked at herself on the screen. As soon as they turned her around, the audience gasped. She looked beautiful! Maria had regained her former appearance completely. And, most importantly, she no longer felt any pain and her eyelids could close again.

It was an emotional moment for Maria as she explained how happy she was to feel like herself again. The doctor who had performed the surgery was also there and was equally astounded by Maria’s unbelievable transformation.

It’s a wonderful thing to see how much modern medicine can change people’s lives. These experts have done an incredible job and given Maria a new lease on life. She is now the beautiful, confident, young woman she once was and can look forward to a happy life with her family.

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