No one can tell these triplets apart. At 27, they get drastic makeover that leaves even mom floored

When one special mom gave birth to triplets, she had no idea how hard it was going to be for some people to tell them apart. Jan, Amy and Laura looked so similar that even their own dad had a hard time identifying each of them.

To solve the problem, they had to be dressed in different colors so people could identify them. However, even the colors couldn’t work properly. They lived like this for a cool 27 years before Rachel Ray came along!

In the clip here, you watch as the 3 sisters go on Rachel Ray Show and share their problem with the whole world. Next, Rachel suggested that they get unique makeovers to distinguish themselves once and for all.

Now wait for that moment the ladies start popping out after the “process.” It’s breath-taking. Not even Rachel can handle it. They’re all just too stunning. You must be dying to see this!

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