What the shape of your mouth reveals about you?

Have you ever wondered what your lips say about you? Psychologists did and they found that there is a connection between the character and the shape of the lips. Here’s how ..

Look your mouth in the mirror and try to determine what form it is.


Such mouths have women who are generous and kind. If the lips are in the form of a button, then it is a person that is interested in all events in the environment, they like to explore, but they are great rebels.


The ambitious nature was hidden behind a person who has big mouth. These women love to command. People with a wide smile are generally surrounded by a multitude of people and have many friends interested in different things. Most often they are very successful, talented, and great perfectionists.

Full lips

Although women with fuller lips look very sexy, and even lustful, they are often emotionally immature. However, the degree of their self-confidence is very high.


Thin lips reveal uncertainty, and sometimes people with inferiority complexes. But these women have one good quality – they are practical.


Women with heart shaped lips are independent, seductive and expressive. They are not afraid of anything and are a great hedonists.

Lowered corners of the mouth

Women who have this form of the lips do not like to share their privacy, and they are mysterious. Sometimes they are too picky, and it is not rare that their environment perceive them as self-centered and insightful.

You did not find in any of these descriptions? Do not worry. The most common case is that one lip is more pronounced than the other. If this is the upper lip, it indicates that impulsivity is the main characteristic of that person, while very pronounced lower lip is characteristic of seductresses.

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